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A little bit about me.....
I am a freelance graphic designer and have been practising as such since 2008. During this time i have increased my skills and abilities in both graphic design and photography as well as helping a number of small businesses to get off the ground with affordable start up packages.

When i was at college my tutor once said to me, ‘So... what are you? A designer with
a passion for photography or... a photographer with a passion for graphic design?’ I've never been able to answer that one. I enjoy both the graphic design and the photography and I particularly enjoy putting the two together. It is especially satisfying for me to be able to build the artwork from the image upwards, making a bespoke product.

Photography - To view my photographic portfolio visit designworks sister web suetye-photography.co.uk

What can I do for you?
As you can see from my website I can design anything you need for your business including simple but
eyecatching websites.

I can create personal or family projects, anything from a special photo album to a recipe book, compilation posters of family photos or even personalised greeting cards. If you've got an idea, why not run it past me.....

As you will see from my Digital Art page, I enjoy bringing a design element to my photography. This work is also available as comissioned bespoke artwork either for content or colour or both, to suit a particular room perhaps or as a speical gift.

How much does it cost?
My current rate is £25 per hour. if you'd like a quote or would like to discuss a project please call or email me. I look forward to hearing from you.


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